*Psst* Hey…guess what…there’s some shows coming up.

November 6th: Elbow Room w/ Jess Eisley in Columbia
November 20th:  Tin Roof w/ Mercy Mercy Me in Charleston/West Ashley
December 5th: Village Tavern w/ Mercy Mercy Me in Mount Pleasant

We’re scheduling as much as we can, so be expecting updates soon!

We’re Still Doing Stuff

Hey gang,

If you look at our myspace page right now, you will see that we don’t have any shows up.  I don’t want anyone thinking that we’re slacking off.  In the past few weeks we’ve been focusing all of our energies on stripping our song writing down and building it back from the ground up.  With what I’ve come up with in the past week, I feel this has been a much needed break.

There are several tentative plans that are in the works that still need some fleshing out before I can announce them.  I’ll go ahead and say one of them is to throw a houseshow/party to debut the newer material we’ll be working on over the next few weeks.

Also-this has nothing to do with The Brisbones really-I’ll be writing a sort of noir story based on a concept for a song that I’ve been writing.  Not that I expect anyone to read it, but I figure since I’m going to write it anyway, I might as well put it out there.  So, I’ll be posting bits of the story as I write it I suppose.

So that’s all for now.  I only wish there was a way I could show my thanks to everyone beyond striving to make the best songs that I can make.  I can promise that I will at least always continue to do just that.

The Brisbones

Show Preview for August 29th at New Brookland Tavern

This will be the first full-on show that we’ve more or less put together ourselves with bands that WE think are worth your time and money. There may be some who come to this show and think to themselves, “How could three bands with very distinct sounds work so well off of each other?” The answer is simple. Each band has their own way of creating musical moments that are both genuine and fun. Here’s the breakdown for the night.

One thing I love about music is how it can be subjective and poignant at the same time. When you listen to Co, it’s almost as if you don’t need to know the words that Brian sings to get feeling that you know exactly what he’s talking about in your own way. Each song captures some nostalgic moment without being overly self-indulgent. Each part from the percussion to the slide guitar is utilized in an entirely appropriate manner. Bottom line: these guys write songs that are entertaining to hear and watch performed. Even with the songs that take a more displaced tone, you can’t help but have fun with them all the same.

Mercy Mercy Me
First impression one gets upon seeing the boys of Mercy Mercy Me is that their only concern is how much fun they are having with their music. And believe me, it’s contagious. You will think you have caught up with them and know what’s coming next. Then they’re tapping your shoulder making you look in another entirely different direction. When it comes to really rocking a place, these guys give us a run for our money.

So what more can I say about The Brisbones? We care about our audiences getting the most bang for their buck. This show will hopefully be the par of all future shows we put together. We’re proud of the line up and hope that you will be able to make it out!

New Brookland Tavern
Doors at 8:00
$5 21 and up/$8 all ages under 21

Cause I Just Feel Like Writing

Hello dear citizen of the internet,

Why anyone would come here and read what I have to write is a mystery to me. The fact of the matter is that I’m not an expert on anything other than being an expert on myself. For these kinds of things it’s always just been the writing. I love to do it. Always have. Anyways…

SO: we of The Brisbones want to start recording ourselves. We have the technology to do it essentially. We still need to flesh it out, though.

The last couple months I’ve been pretty hard on myself when it came to song writing. I keep telling myself: “keep it real, keep it fresh.” I guess that’s my way of saying “don’t get lazy.” In the last month or so, I’ve written one song that we will probably keep. If you like to spend your time writing like me, you probably understand the frustration of writing a pile of crap for an annoying amount of time. I couldn’t say how many songs even in the last couple of months that I’ve written and slaved over and just had to flat drop because they just didn’t feel right.

Just recently I’ve hit that point where I write a part and I say to myself, “Well that’s a good little ditty right there. Now what next?” I guess what I’m trying to get at is that I’m at a very comfortable place with my writing currently. Hoheyun and I both really. I’m real excited for people to hear what we’re coming up with.

Just counting down the days till August 29th now…

The Brisbones

Ryan and I rockin’ out at the Art Bar on the 8th.  All the bands played great, but Mercy Mercy Me set the groove for our performance that night.  Thanks to everyone who stayed despite that moron with the gun.

Ryan and I rockin’ out at the Art Bar on the 8th. All the bands played great, but Mercy Mercy Me set the groove for our performance that night. Thanks to everyone who stayed despite that moron with the gun.

New Tunes in the Morning

One of the first few things I will be doing simultaneously among the other just as important things that I do will be to upload the new songs we recorded a few weeks ago.  They are of course the songs “Leave It Alone” and “Too Much.”  These songs were specifically designed to create the “hell yeah” effect.  Right now, I’m too tired and I need to go to bed and maybe munch on something real quick.  It definitely sounds awesome, so special thanks to Mr. Taylor Bray again for all of his work with us.

The Brisbones

I Hate Macs

It’s like having a calculator sized computer.  My hands keep touching the pad as I’m typing and it makes the computer do whacky crap.  Annoyed: check.

So anyway, we’re writing some new songs for the 29th that we feel will be a fresh step for us.

We’ve begun a few projects to maybe get some merchandise for the next show as well.

We have some plans to get some new band shots and maybe a sit-down with the guys of Mercy Mercy Me.

Not sure when, but “Too Much” and “Leave It Alone” will be uploaded to our myspace soon.  Depends on when we get the final mixes.

We’re keepin busy, hopefully we’ll have some stuff out by the end of this week.  Take care.

The Brisbones


So What Does a Brisbone do After a Show?

So here’s the premise to this little entry. I took a sleep aid to aid me to sleep despite the ache in my body and the ringing in my ears.

A Brisbone get’s home and smells like sweat and as dingy as the bar they just played. We then spend the first couple of hours counting the g’s we made off of you enablers. Holla.

So we had a dude firing a firearm tonight. Glad no one got hurt. *sigh*

MERCY MERCY ME. They single-handedly forced the Brisbones to drop any sort of sentimental song we may have had stored for the night. Certified badasses. There was a badass notary at the show. He was sure to give them their certified certificate of badassery.

Met a lot of cool people tonight. Can’t wait to see all of you again. Thanks to all the bands and the Art Bar staff for making it such a great show. Special thanks as always to Zach who ran sound for us tonight. Between Zach and John at New Brookland, they’re the coolest guys to work with.

Four nice frosty glasses of cool ice water down.

Just re-typed a sentence three times. That’s my cue. Good-night!

-The Brisbones

P.S. Got “New Pony” stuck in my head…i don’t even really like that song all that much…

Just Finished Listening to Unfinished Tracks

Hey gang,

Gotta say we’re really enjoyin the new tunes we crunched out with Taylor Bray of Taylor Bray Recordings.  Unfortunately for you(if you’re a band), Taylor is moving to Nashville to finish up his schooling and continue his pursuit in recording business.  Over the last seven/eight years or so, Taylor has been with me at every step of my musical maturity recording it.  From playing a synthesizer in a electronic folk-pop band(which he played drums and bass for) to what I’m doing today.

He pretty much was the sole person who helped me find my voice for this new band.  His advice was basically to stop being such a ‘tard and just sing it like I had it in my head.  That’s pretty much what it took(along side singing with really loud music in my car) for me to get it right.  One day I walked into Tay’s studio and was able to do it.  That’s just one story of how working with Taylor has helped me along with getting to the point where I’m at now.

All of us in the Brisbones know we’ll be seeing him again before too long, but he will be missed.  If you haven’t already, check out his myspace page to hear what he’s done over the last few years!


-The Brisbones

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